Pharmacology In The Daily Practice

Pharmacology in daily practice

Pharmacology in the daily practice is a 3-hour interactive course entirely dedicated to your professional practice. This class is designed for any healthcare professional interested in the subject, especially nurses and nursing students, physician assistants, paramedics, physicians, as well as students of such courses. We will discuss medications in various clinical situations in our daily practice. Pharmacology will be understood in the context of diseases focusing on the way they act in the human body with their indication for use, in addition to their side effects, used dosages, drug interactions, and more. We will be discussing several classes of medications, clinical cases, and more.

We offer CE Credits: 3.0 with this Pharmacology Class. (CE Broker)

  • Oral and venous antihypertensive agents in the control of systemic arterial hypertension and hypertensive crises
  • Use of antibiotics in sepsis / septic shock.
  • Drugs used in the treatment of major clinical emergencies, such as Asthma, Heart Failure, COPD, among others.
  • Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome.
  • Main antiarrhythmics.
  • Drugs used to treat pain and sedatives,
  • The main drugs in ICU, such as vasoactive drugs (vasoconstrictors; vasodilators), positive inotropic, etc.
  • Understanding the difference between antiplatelet agents, anticoagulants, and fibrinolytic.
  • Several clinical cases to discuss the diseases, their best treatment, and more.

Our Presenting Instructor:

This course will be presented by our expert Cardiologist and Intensivist Tobias Araujo, MD. Native from Brazil with more than 10 years of experience in the practice of medicine in ICU, ER, and ward. He is also an experienced Licensed AHA instructor in the disciplines of BLSACLS, and PALS in the US and with years of teaching experience in Brazil and in the US at colleges and hospitals.

This course started in New Jersey with great receptivity, attendance, and positive feedback from healthcare professionals and students.

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