American Heart Association Skills Check Session

Skills Check Session prices start at $49

American Heart Association Skills Check Session is the second part of the Blended Learning HeartCode Certification. When the session is completed you will receive a certificate valid for 2 years from the American Heart Association like the one in the image below.

20-3001 BLS Certification Provider ecard
20-3000 ACLS Certification Provider ecard
20-3006 PALS Certification Provider ecard

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This Booking is for an In-Person, Hands-on Skills Session to obtain an American Heart Association Certificate and the session will be completed at one of our offices. Since our classes are very small groups we do not take walk-ins and every student participating has booked the session and saved their spot in advance. If you are looking for the traditional In-Person Classroom Certificate book through this link.

Sign up on this page for quicker scheduling but if you would like to arrange a time for a particular class or a 1-on-1 session, please contact us directly at 407.308.0139

HeartCode is the American Heart Association’s blended learning class and is Part 1 of the certification process. The Skills Session is Part 2 (Practice) and Part 3 (Testing). Part of the course is done online and at your own pace, the second part (Practice) and third part (Hands On Skill Testing) is done in person.

After completing the online portion, students will attend an Instructor-led hands-on skills session that focuses on skills practice.

There are three parts to completing your Certification.

1) If you have not completed Part 1 (Online Portion – Class). Go to and create an account or log in. Purchase the HeartCode or claim the Key Code given to you by your employer.

2) Once you complete Part 1. Print, or take a picture of your certificate and bring it with you to the skills session.

3) Purchase the Skills Session for the certificate you need on this website. The in-person skills session is Part 2, which is the practice and Part 3 which is the hands on testing portion.

Upon successful completion of the course, your AHA Provider cards will be issued on the same day via email.

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